Wholistic Wellness Workshop

Wholistic Wellness Workshop

Coming to health is becoming whole. True health cannot exist without acknowledging all areas of wellbeing.

I am bringing together three of my personally passionate wellness areas; skincare, alignment based yoga and cellular regeneration into one evening of deep self-care practice.

We will explore restorative yoga postures as we integrate an intentional skincare ritual full of plant-based knowledge and an infusion of homegrown organic and wildcrafted herbal medicinals.

From soil to skin.

To wrap things up we will have a refreshing superfood beverage to further support your body’s ability to regenerate and restore itself.

You will walk away with a newfound passion for your self care practice as well as a little handcrafted, organic herbal skincare product to support your physical and emotional wellbeing.

First workshop is at the Mandala Collective in Salida, CO on June 29, 2023. (Use code: CALENDULA for $5 off!)

Second workshop is at Revolution Power Yoga in Avon, Co on July 7, 2023.



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