Live music meets my holistic mountain lifestyle.

I have spent countless hours enjoying both of these things which satisfy my soul in two completely different yet undeniably similar ways.

I never knew how to meld these two defining passions together…lyrics running through my mind while I adventure through the forests and mountains at home while invertedly, visions of these same places running through my mind while I’m being bathed in music.

My creative background was something I’ve nurtured since I can remember, but began to take definition when I discovered hand-built ceramics in high school which lead me to pursue a fine arts degree and deep yoga studies here in Western Colorado.

Fast forward to the global pandemic which challenged me to show my daughter by example to boldly pursue my dream of creating art that had a residual positive impact on planet and people. I opened some creative portal and outpoured luxurious skincare products that wrapped up the nature and music that have sculpted who I am.

Deep gratitude.

Sex, Plants, Rock and Roll Co. began as a sticker that was simply a clever spin on a groovy phrase. The sticker created so much conversation and I was searching for a name that would be unmistakable. My dear friend and wildcrafting mentor, Brianna Rose Wiles pointed out to me that I already created a name with that sticker.

This endeavor is so much more than simply skincare, it is a movement that encompasses wellness all ways; beginning with the connection of self to nature by avenue of love.

All of the handmade products begin with organic and natural bases and are enhanced with wildcrafted or organically homegrown herbals. Each product is formulated intentionally, blended and infused with the music that inspired it’s creation.