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Broken Arrow - Analgesic Liniment Spray

Broken Arrow - Analgesic Liniment Spray

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This potion was blended up from necessity after a bike crash left me with 5 ribs out of place. Out of desperate need for relief, I revisited the area where I crashed and gathered herbs known for their analgesic properties

Broken Arrow is a great addition to your first aid kit. Ideal for bumps, bruises, strains, sprains aches, and pains. 

This trifecta of herbs possess analgesic, circulation stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. The herbal infusion of yarrow, arnica and pedicularis is alcohol-based for optimal absorption. 

The refreshing aromatic blend also offers a heating/cooling effect to promote circulation and speed recovery time.

The infusion is blended into a base of aloe to leave skin hydrated and soft. Spray on injured area and rub in circles until completely absorbed. 

Do not use on open wounds.

Ingredients: Aloe, water, alcohol, wildcrafted yarrow, wildcrafted pedicularis, wildcrafted arnica, camphor, organic ginger, wintergreen, clove, organic cinnamon, aspen bark extract.

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