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Eyes of the World - Eye Serum

Eyes of the World - Eye Serum

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A light and absorbable blend of anti-inflammatory herbs in hydrating base of arboreal hydrosols and plant-based hyaluronic serum.

The name of this blend was inspired by the main ingredient in this potion; aspen hydrosol - distilled from wildcrafted aspen poplar trees native to the Rocky Mountain region.

The knots of these connective majesties have always created the illusion of the forest’s eyes. The medicinal properties of these trees being known and used by natives as an anti-inflammatory and the scent is as pleasantly fresh and light as the intro to such a loved Grateful Dead classic, EOTW.

The potion comes in a convenient glass roller bottle with a cooling and smooth stainless roller.

Serums are best applied after cleansers, exfoliators and toners and prior to moisturizers and sun protection.


INGREDIENTS: wildcrafted aspen hydrosol, organic calendula hydrosol, organic chamomile, organic vegetable glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, caprylyl glycol, wildcrafted yarrow extract, aspen bark extract.


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