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Finally Unwind - Wildcrafted Herbal Hair Detangler

Finally Unwind - Wildcrafted Herbal Hair Detangler

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Dry hair happens when you spend most of your day outside in the high-mountain air.

I rarely shampoo my hair because shampoo strips hair of it's natural oils and the body's reaction is to produce more oil to compensate.

Instead, I rinse the day from my hair and comb the conditioner through while its wet. Then I use this Finally Unwind on my dry hair before I start my day.

Also helps to comb away the bed-head!

Hair detangler spray works wonders for hair that feels like fraying bits of twine. 

In an effort to eliminate excessive plastics, the 4 oz refill sized product does not come with a dispenser pump. You can add one on here.


Ingredeints; hemp hydrosol, wildcrafted pinon hydrosol, organic aloe vera, orgaic clary sage, organic rosemary, tea tree, aspen bark extract. 

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