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Free - Natural Herbal Perfume

Free - Natural Herbal Perfume

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A light and sweet blend of plant aromatics come together to create a liberatingly curious herbal scent.

Artemesia grows prolifically in southwest Colorado and was used by the Utes ceremonially and medicinally.

Lotus flower is symbolic of transformation. It’s roots grow in the swamps and the mesmerizing flower emerges from the muck. Ancient yogis believed this to be an aphorism to life; without the muck, there is no beauty.

Free is a long time favorite song of mine and it seems only fitting to tie in two deeply rooted cultures that have been instrumental guidance on my own path; Ancient yoga philosophy and indigenous Ute culture.

”I feel the feeling I forgot.”


INGREDIENTS: organic sunflower oil, wildcrafted artemesia, organic clary sage, lotus oil.

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