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Herbal Bath Salts

Herbal Bath Salts

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Embody your inner forest fairy with herbal salt blends. 

Flowers and herbs with medicinal properties to calm relax and restore blended with salts for detoxification and remineralization.

Our skin is our largest organ and is an interface between the inner and the outer worlds. It is an elimination pathway from our inner biome and also a way to absorb nutrients.

Soaking in a blend of medicinal herbs and minerals from salts are a lovely way to support our organs back to their health.

Formulated from a combination of homegrown organic and wildcrafted herbs to support your body, soul and mind.

Call of the Cold - For immune support, relaxation and restoration support.

China Doll - an herbal antidote to sore muscles and aches and pain.

Flower Power - To support the health of your skin and to calm your mind.

Red Daisy - Homegrown blend to soothe and relax…great treat after a long day.

Standing on the Moon - Feminine support during moon cycle.

These herbal bath salts are packaged in compostable rice bags and come in 5 oz sizes.


Call of the Cold: sea salt, epsom salt, osha^, artemesia^, alder catkins^, eucalyptus*, siberean elm bark^, usnea^.

China Doll: sea salt, epsom salt, himalayan pink salt, cinamon bark*, juniper^, arnica^, yarrow^, usnea^.

Flower Power: Sea salt, himalayan salt, calendula*, rose*, yarrow^, goldenrod^, hyssop^.

Red Daisy: California poppy petals, lavender*, catnip, chamomile*, himalayan pink salt, sea salt.

Standing on the Moon: Sea salt, epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, rosemary*, juniper^, wild yam*, wild cherry^.

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