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Plant Based Soap Bars

Plant Based Soap Bars

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These all-natural, plant based soaps are works of art created by Stash Soapery. They are all uniquely different and are fresh smelling masterpieces to compliment the bathroom collection.

The rich, plant-based oil blends create a smooth lather to cleanse your hands and body enhanced with my homegrown herbal blends .

Come Together is a floral and citrus scented blend that is colored and swirled with naturally occuring colorants.

Dirty Hippie is an earthy scented bar which contains homegrown florals, seeds and mild minerals for gentle exfoliation.

Flower Child is a peaceful herbal blend of homegrown florals to promote relaxation and soothing effects.

Rise Up is enhanced with the naturally detoxifying swirls of charcoal and french clay combined with the fresh blend of essential oils makes this bar a dream to have out in the soap dish. This bar is ideal for hands and body parts that could use extra detoxification.

Tree Hugger has a blend of essential oils that create a lovely, deep forest scent. 

Stash Soapery’s scent blends are so primo that I like to put the extra bars into my folded, clean towels to enjoy the scent until my current bar runs low…so, stocking up is a great idea.

**As a general holistic wellness rule, soap should be used only on the stinky / hairy parts and the rest of your skin should be washed with more of a moisturizing exfoliator; such as Kashmir or Sugaree. Your skin already does an incredible job at balancing it’s oil production. If it gets too dry - it will overproduce oil.


Come Together: Olive oil, Coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide (not present in soap), avocado oil, rice bran oil, organic virgin fair trade shea & cocoa butters m, essential oils: litsea cubeba, rose Geranium, Egyptian geranium, ginger root, wildcrafted ravensara, orange peel powder, turmeric root powder, Moroccan red clay, organic yellowdock root powder, dried orange, safflower petals.

Dirty Hippie: olive oil, coconut oil, saponified sodium hydroxide, avocado oil, rice bran oil, organic and fair trade shea butter, carrot seed, yarrow, organic blue poppy seeds, nettle, indigo powder, ground pumice, rosemary, calendula, essential oils of; peppermint and patchouli.

Flower Child: olive oil, coconut oil, saponified sodium hydroxide, organic and fair trade shea butter, avocado oil, rice bran oil, calendula, essential oils of; patchouli + cedarwood.

Rise Up: Olive oil, coconut oil, purified water, aloe vera juice, avocado oil, rice bran oil, shea butter+, cocoa butter+, essential oils of; lemongrass, rosemary & listea cueba, activated charcoal, moringa, french green clay, turmeric powder, aster solidago, rosemary, calendula. *organic +fair trade

Tree Hugger: coconut oil, olive oil, aqua, rice bran oil, organic and fair trade shea butter, avocado oil, organic aloe vera juice, coconut milk powder, essential oils of; eucalyptus globulous, scotch pine, juniper berry, ground oatmeal, non-nano zinc oxide, nettle powder, organic alfalfa leaf powder, wildcrafted juniper berries, sweet william.


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