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[Shimmer] Shade - Organic Mineral Sun Protection

[Shimmer] Shade - Organic Mineral Sun Protection

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This is a special one is for my mountain mermaid, sun goddesses. 

Same formula as our original Shade stick, with added organic mica for shimmer to enhance your already enchanting glow. When I apply this rich and nourishing product, I know that my skin will be soaking in those deliciously rich organic oils and butters as I enjoy some healthy solar exposure.

Harness that radiance.

We live at 7,000' above sea level and spend most of our time outside.

Over my past 17 years living at altitude and in the mountains I've learned the importance of covering up my skin. Some spots are just impossible to cover.

Any mineral-based or physical formula will put a layer of actual minerals as a barrier between the sun and your skin.

This is food-grande non-nano zinc and will turn your skin a bit on the white side, but for the most part rubs in pretty nice.

[Shimmer] Shade should be reapplied every 2 hours or every hour if you are sweating. Be safe and go get it!!


INGREDIENTS: organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, organic & fair trade cocoa butter, geranium, raspberry seed oil, juniper oil, carrot seed oil, mica, non-nano zinc, vitamin e.

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