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Sigma Oasis - Herbal Detoxification Mask

Sigma Oasis - Herbal Detoxification Mask

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Sigma Oasis is a botanical earth facial mask made with natural clay, organically homegrown botanical herbs and aloe vera.

The mask comes as dry powder and can be mixed with aloe vera, hydrosol or water. Each .5 oz container will mix up to 3 masks.

To use; combine 1/3 of mixture with a your liquid of choice and  to clean skin and allow to dry until firm. Wash away gently with warm water and washcloth and for best results; follow with our Daily Facial Kit.

To go the extra step, Sigma Oasis comes in a recyclable / compostable cardboard container. 



Ingredients: White clay, aloe vera, xanthan gum, yarrow^, rose*, calendula*.


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