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Silver Cloud - Organic Whipped Body Butter with Mineral Shimmer

Silver Cloud - Organic Whipped Body Butter with Mineral Shimmer

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"Float me on a Silver Cloud"

You know the way the river looks in the Rocky Mountains in the summer? When you sit really close to it and look at the way the water churns the sand, it looks like a mineral disco party, it comes from the mica in the hills.

In addition to organic and fair trade shea butter and botanical-infused oils, you can find mica in this body butter. This whipped body butter will give your skin the mountain mermaid look. The formula is rich, creamy and enhanced with homegrown calendula and wildcrafted dandelion flowers to benefit your skin’s health.

The scent is a very subtle-sweet blend of rose, patchouli and tangerine.

This blend is completely vegan and can have a bit of a fluctuation in consistency with exposure to extreme cold and heat. Best to keep stored in a neutral place.

Allow this blend to soak into your skin and melt away to nothing…your skin will thank you.




Ingredients: Organic and fair trade shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic apricot kernel oil, wildcrafted dandelion, essential oils of rose, patchouli and tangerine, vitamin e.

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