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Spanish Moon - Plant-Based Hyaluronic Serum

Spanish Moon - Plant-Based Hyaluronic Serum

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"Well I pawned my watch, and I sold my ring, just to hear that girl singing"

Cleanser > exfoliator > toner > serums > moisturizer > beauty sleep.

This hydrating and skin-firming serum can be used in the evening after washing the day away to support natural cell regeneration while you sleep.

For a second dose, first thing in the morning before SPF to encourage that healthy cellular development as you protect your skin.

You’ll love the deep forest scent of this beauty serum! The restoration qualities of cottonwood and juniper as well as the cellular support of aloe and hyaluronic acid will leave your skin looking fresh and hydrated.



Ingredients:  aqua, juniper^, cottonwood^, sodium hyaluronate*, caprylyl glycol*, aspen bark extract.

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