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Wildflowers - Wildcrafted and Unscented Facial Oil

Wildflowers - Wildcrafted and Unscented Facial Oil

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Inspired by my sweet sister-in-law who has guided me through a lot in terms of skin-care over the years and the medicinal flowers harvested from my garden. This blend is free from added scents and uses low-allergen, organic oils as a base.

Broccoli seed and organic rosehip seed oils are included in this formula for their skin health benefits to aide in the elasticity repair, the color-balancing and the restoration of your skin’s holistic health

The last little gem in this blend is wildcrafted cottonwood which is known for it’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a boon to skin that is sensitive to breakouts and inflammation.


Ingredients: Organic apricot kernel oil, organic hemp oil, organic rosehip seed oil,  broccoli seed oil, wildcrafted borage flowers, wildcrafted globemallow flowers, organic calendula oil, wildcrafted cottonwood bud.

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